Nathanial Maston (Nate)

Bar Manager

Bar managing and cocktail creation has always been a passion for Nate.  He started in the industry as a young buck (17 years old) at a California Pizza Kitchen, moved on to work for Bryan Dayton as OAK at fourteenth bar manager for 4 years.  Boulder, became smaller and smaller as time went on, and Nate found himself dreaming of coming back to Denver.  He returned to join the Beast and Bottle team to help open Coperta in uptown.  In addition found myself consulting for multiple locations, Mizo Izakaya, Stanley marketplace, and a local tea house.  While consulting was fun, I was missing my passion, of bartending.  I found this amazing opportunity at Señor Bear as their Bar manager, currently I’m looking to jump start this program using the base that their opening team has created and creating an ever changing and seasonal focused beverage menu.